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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Small Business


Meet Our Speakers


Dr. Paul Hedlund

Kansas Wesleyan University

Dr. Paul Hedlund is an Associate Professor at Kansas Wesleyan University, where he teaches leadership and marketing. Hedlund has trained hundreds of employees for organizations in the public and private sector for the last 25 years. Hedlund’s consulting practice includes schools, government, and large and small businesses in a variety of industries. He is also the author of The Learning Organizational Toolbelt System. Paul received his doctorate in educational leadership at Kansas State University.


Small Business – Day at a Glance



SB 9:00 AM

  – Learn the basics of benchmarking, benchmarks, and performance improvement.
  – Case review.


SB 10:00 AM

  – Learn about tools and actual cases that develop smaller systems
  – Communication, creativity, and assessment for employees and customers)


SB 11:00 AM

  – USD 305 streamlined project management method
  – How to adapt to your environment Kris Upson


SB 1:30 PM

  – Basic criteria for standardized decisions


SB 2:00 PM

  – Teams can be helpful or stumbling blocks
  – Learn how to develop teams


SB 2:30 PM

  – Small Business Career Path Q&A


SB 3:00 PM

  – Actual tools to improve your business now


SB 3:30 PM

  – 5 basic levels learned



Address : Paul Hedlund
                  KLEAN Coordinator
                  Kansas Wesleyan University
                 100 E. Claflin Ave. Box 46
                 Salina, KS 67401

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Phone :    785-827-5541 Ext. 2218